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Are you thinking about weaning?
Even just a partial weaning to reduce the frequency of nursing?
Does your child need a little encouragement?

Weaning can be a difficult time, it's a big adjustment for both of you.
It's always best if you can wean gradually and lovingly.
There's lots of books and information out there with weaning tips for mothers, but hardly anything for kids.

Children really respond to books
Being able to see kids just like themselves in stories can help them to relate to anything new that's going on.
It's a great way to learn and also an excellent method of introducing a new topic, or issue to be talked about.

Learning to Wean is especially aimed at two years old and up.
The story shows Sam (of no paticular gender) who is going through the weaning process. He/ she looks back on being a baby and growing up, and is now nursing less and less. Sam shares his/ her feelings of joy, sadness and pride, because its all part of growing up.
And it certainly doesn't mean mum loves him any less!

This book is an excellent tool in gradual, encouraged weaning.
Your toddler will want you to read it again and again!

19 pages of delightful, bright illustration and text.
The book can be shipped anywhere in the world, for the same low price.
You should receive Learning to Wean within 2-10 business days


$14.95 US


My daughter and I have been reading the book
Every night for the past few weeks, she's now taking on the ideas
Like they were her own!
Barbara, (mom to Molly 2 1/2)

Finally!!!! A book to read to kids.
My son loves it. Its one of several things in my toolbox of weaning tips

Jessica (mother of Jason 3 years and David (6 years)

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